Cryptid Creatures is a podcast about the exploration of some Cryptozoological myths and monsters, from famous ones like Sasquatch, to less know (but equally terrifying beasts). It was created in July of 2016 by Jesse Haynes, and the first season premiered on August 27th, 2016. The first season is 8 episodes long, and released every other Saturday, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

If you enjoy the paranormal, then this is the iTunes podcast for you. Haynes guides Season One across the United States in an exploration of everything creepy. From Kentucky to Missouri, to South Carolina and Oklahoma, and even more, this podcast covers a tremendous amount of ground (literally) and is perfect for the Cryptozoic enthusiast, or the common traveler looking for some entertainment.

cropped-Criptid-Creatures-1600x.jpgThis podcast is not designed to spoonfeed you. It is not going to tell you what to believe.  The best decisions are the ones that are independently formulated, so Cryptid Creatures is going to give you both sides of the argument—the myth and the science—and coming up with a conclusion will be up to you.

But here is a fair warning: some of the stories and creatures might be a little scary. Maybe this isn’t a podcast for the faint of heart. There’s no guarantee that there won’t be some creepy eye witness reports that will put you on edge. There’s no guarantee you won’t install another night light in your bedroom. There’s no guarantee you won’t start noticing more movement in the shadows and sounds at night.

The only thing that can be guaranteed is this: Listen to this podcast as you try to go to sleep, and when you are lying in bed at in the middle of the night with your covers to your chin, you will be asking yourself one thing: What do you believe?



Jesse Haynes is the writer, creator, and voice of Cryptid Creatures. He prides himself on being a young entrepreneur, always looking for the next big way to share his writings with his followers. Jesse lives inJesse-036e1 Oklahoma. You can learn a lot more about him on his personal blog. He has written two science fiction books and has a few more manuscripts in the works, hoping to make it big as either a podcaster or novelist some day.

Although he struggles narrowing down the one thing he wants to do in life (see above), Jesse’s passion lies behind writing. Whether he is scripting a play, penning a poem, typing a manuscript, or researching his newest podcast, he loves to write words to share.

Besides writing, his interests include sports (particularly cheering for the Miami Heat), reading, playing basketball (wait, does that count as sports?), and selling on eBay. He attends the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is currently a sophomore.


The Music used in the podcast comes from two artist. Gage Baker is a young and brilliantly talented Oklahoma-based DJ, and you can check him out on SoundCloud under the name Seven.

Kevin MacLeod is the man behind incompetech music, where he runs a free-online music website funded by donations from people like me, and hopefully you!

If you enjoyed the music throughout the show, make sure to let Gage and Kevin know.